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September 2016

Susanna and the Elders

The story of Susanna and the Elders is included in the Book of Daniel in the Bible, though it is also regarded as apocryphal. It is a tale of voyeurism and lechery, but also of chastity and justice. Two old... Continue Reading →


Leda and the Swan The reason for this painting comes from my series of drawings of female figures placed in a context similar to the male nudes (ignudi) by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. How Michelangelo’s nudes would look if... Continue Reading →

Landscape from Cueva Ventana with Eurydice abandoned by Orpheus transformed into a Bird

Oil on Canvas 24″ x 30″ This painting is inspired by the majestic view from Cueva Ventana, a natural cave in the north side of Puerto Rico, on the karso zone. In this part of the island, limestone is the... Continue Reading →

Impressionistic Realist Paintings

While Realism and Impressionism were styles born apart around the mid 19th century, they eventually merged around the end of that century in the work of some artists, notably among them Joaquín Sorolla in Spain and John Singer Sargent in... Continue Reading →

A Landscape Painting in the Spirit of Joseph William Turner

The Burning of the House of Representatives and the Senate on a Moonlit Nightas seen from the Walls of Fort San Cristobal Acrylic on Canvas – 30 “x 40” On 16 October 16, 1834 a tragedy of enormous proportions occurred... Continue Reading →

A Contemporary Realist Painting: The Art Lesson

Oil on 40″ x 30″ Canvas Modern art is often associated with abstract painting or sculpture, some kind of “ism” movement and also what is now as VIP (video, installation and performance). The main idea behind these types of work... Continue Reading →

Children Carpet Weavers of Egypt

Private Collection 24″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas Hand-knotted carpet making is a traditional craft in Egypt. Children, especially the girls, learn the craft at home or at carpet factories such as those found west of Cairo, near the Pyramids.... Continue Reading →

Three Classical Nude Paintings

Few subjects seem to stir more controversy than the depiction of the nude human body in art. Classical nude painting is not devoid of this controversy. Classical nude painting was the standard for the realist representation of both male and... Continue Reading →

A Portrait Drawing using the Russian Approach

I’m becoming ever more interested in the Russian method of figure drawing. Actually, it’s not a method invented or used only by the Russian art academies, but they have preserved the best traditions of the old masters and come up... Continue Reading →

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