A Contemporary Realist Painting: The Art Lesson

Oil on 40″ x 30″ Canvas

Modern art is often associated with abstract painting or sculpture, some kind of “ism” movement and also what is now as VIP (video, installation and performance). The main idea behind these types of work is the experimentation of present resources and materials in a non-traditional manner. These so called avant garde artist are always looking for new ways of depicting their ideas of what art is and its function in print times.

The truth is that any artist who interprets his present experience is a modern or contemporary artist.

The Art Lesson is a modern realist painting. It depicts a scene I saw about ten years ago at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The grand abstract painting the teacher points at is by Mark Rothko. I have special admiration for him, and my realist modern painting pays homage to this great abstract modern painting.

Order a fine resolution digital print of The Art Lesson here.


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